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There are currently:

Suggested CPT code: 80299

In addition, Quest Diagnostics now offers in-house testing with a fast turnaround–within 24 hours of sample receipt.

FDA-Cleared (IVD) Assay

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Thermo Scientific
QMS® Everolimus
consists of 3 main components:

  • Reagent Kit, Part No. 0380000
  • Calibrator Set, Part No. 0380005
  • Control Set, Part No. 0380010

Carol Thompson Phone: 800-232-3342
x5155 (Office)

Phone: 510-299-3335 (Cell)

E-mail: carol.thompson

Thermo Fisher

An FDA-cleared option for performing in-house analysis of the QMS® Everolimus Immunoassay

The Thermo Scientific QMS® Everolimus Immunoassay was designed for use on open platform chemistry analyzers, including the new FDA-cleared, fully automated, Thermo Scientific IndikoTM bench-top analyzer. To order the Thermo Scientific IndikoTM, please refer to the Thermo Fisher Scientific contact information located above.

Commercial/reference laboratories offering assays for everolimus

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National commercial laboratories with numerous locations throughout the United States:

ARUP Laboratories

Baylor Research Institute

Children's Hospital Boston

Cleveland Clinic Laboratories


National Medical Services (NMS Labs)

Quest Diagnostics

TMS BioScience Labs

University of Colorado

University of Miami

University of Michigan

University of Texas-Houston Medical School

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This list is not exclusive and is continually expanding; if your laboratory is offering testing to external centers and you're interested in adding your contact information, or if you're looking for more detailed information, please contact:

Eric Meyer, Program Director
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation E-mail: eric.meyer@novartis.com

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